Find the right Google Apps Reseller for you


When you've decided to Go Google, finding the best Google Apps Reseller for your implementation is important. Here are a few key questions to answer and get the right Reseller for the job:


1.  Is the Reseller big enough to support my Google Apps Deployment?

Google Apps Resellers typically focus on specific company sizes to work with. So be clear about how many employees your company has: 11-49, 50-249, 250+.


2.  Can the Reseller provide all the services my company needs?

There are many aspects to Google Apps deployment and development. For instance, some Google Apps Resellers may have Google Apps Script programmers, Google Apps API developers, and even graphic designers. Assess all that you need to Go Google.


3.  Do I need on-site support?

There are Google Apps Resellers all over the world, so finding the one closest to you can be of real benefit. Use the Google Maps interactive tool and the country listings to find a local Google Apps Reseller who may provide on-site support and consulting.

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